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Halloween Hallo


In 2002 we (Michael 36, Nicole 34 und Chantal 6) built in the northeast part of Hamm our house. Our rural environment and always excisting desire of having a dog, led then to our first Engl. Cocker Spaniel
Absolutely delighted with the friendly, teachable character of the Engl. Cocker Spaniel, we are since then addicted to these lovely, kindly creatures.

Through many activities with our cocker, entry in the Jagdspaniel Klub and later also in the Cocker Club Deutschland, close contact to other Cocker owners and breeders as well as Wilma’s balanced and confident character the desire of breeding steadily grew. Therefore we searched for an “eligible candidate” and in October 2004 it finally happened: our sunshine Yamira moved in.

Yamira gave us in March 2006 Anny and in April 2007 Brielle. Both are also little sunshines as there lovely mom.

We do a lot with our dogs, copious walks in forests, bicycling, visiting “dog fellows” (or we get visited). Even dog sports like Agility are very liked, so we also spend a lot of time at the “Hundeplatz” and are aiming every day an appropriate, fine life for our dogs.


So we are just an average familiy... maybe with a little bit more dogs...
We love each other and enjoy our familiar hobby and passion Cocker Spaniel. It is delighting us to see how our breeding efforts lead to such lovely life enrichment also for other families (and of course also Singles ;-)).

More pictures in the fotogallery (german)!


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