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28.11.2007 - FN-result Brielle

Today we got mail from France (Antagene). Also Brielle ist FN normal/clear!! :-)))

22.11.2007 - 8 weeks old

This week we extensively explored - together with the bigger dogs here - the complete garden. We also had a lot of fun at our great puppy-playground! Beside of - still - lot of lovely visits, we had another fotoshooting and even some of us went on a short trip by car. Nicole bathed and blow-dried each of us, that was quite funny; and now we all smell like little princes and pricesses. Isn’t this nice? Pics: 8. week

17.11.2007 - SZS Münster

A very nice and tenderly organised show! Baronesse Brielle (handled by Vanessa Egden, as I first had to go to the parent conference day; Thank you sooo much again!) was jugded by Mr. Dr. Peper (D), in the Puppy-Class and got “very promising”!! Later on she started also with Chantal at the Juniorhandling a.K.. Both had lot of fun there! More on Chantal’s Site.

08.11.2007 - 6 weeks old

We had again lots of lovely visitors and now all of us have a veeeery nice new family :-)))). Nicole gave us collars and she often goes around with a very loud thing (she says that is important for cleanness and also for us). We would appreciate having better weather so we can play even more in the garden! So please keep fingers crossed!! Pics: 6. week

02.11.2007 - 5 weeks old

Time passed sooo quickly and we are already 5 weeks old. We learned a lot, played a lot, eat a lot :-))), and had a lot of veeeeery lovely visitors!! Pics of the last week: 5. week

15.10.2007 - C-Litter

Well, we opened our eyes, start “running” around and already grow a lot. You want to have a look? So please check our C-litter site.

27.09.2007 - C-Litter / Episode III a thrilling blockbuster with a surprising happy-ending :-)). Finally our C-litter arrived and everybody is happy and we are enjoying eachother. More: C-litter

10.09.2007 - Maternity Protection

Haha..., this time I think I exceeded myself ;-))). I cannot believe at all that I was able to create such a great "film poster" * laugh *. Well! After many nice dates and visits during the last weeks Anny and ourselves are now into "maternity protection". We are preparing joyfully (as we have again to rearrange lots of things) everything for the arrival of the C-babies. And of course we will still spoil Anny (just as much as possible), as we want her to stay well as much as she can :-). Further news will of course appear here on the site or you can get them personally :-). So please keep fingers crossed!!

01.09.2007 - CACIB Luxembourg

Foto: B. Egden

Brielle went with Daddy Casanova to her first show (in Luxembourg)! Daddy completed there his Lux. Champion and achieved with Jolie in the pair-class the 3rd place (out of 28!)! Congratulation!!
And Brielle? First she started in the “Baby-Class” and got a “very promising”, so she was also invited to the Ring of Honor!! There she (just 4,5 months old) was placed amoung the best 10 out of 35 Babies und Best-Puppies (until 9 months)! We are soooooo proud. Birgit & Vanessa: Thank you so much!!!!! :-)

Foto: B. Egden

26.08.2007 - BZS Hamm

We did not show, but on this fine event we (Chantal, Brielle and I) met friends and got to know other nice people :-). Also Bati and her family came, so the 2 sisters could endlessly play; first alone then with other cockers. A nice day!

20.08.2007 - C-Litter / US


How nice! Today Mrs Dr. Möhrke in Dortmund (almost famous even through TV) confirmed us by US that our Anny (Aglaia’s Anima) will have babies at the end of September! Daddy is Enzo (of Great Mountain). The wedding was celebrated during our really fantastic holiday at the Odenwald, so can you imagine a sweeter souvenir? Of course we will coddle Anny now even more and hope that everything goes well! The first "photo" of the little ones as well as further information on the C-litter site.

13.08.2007 - Update “Movie” & Dog School

Hahaha...on Brielle’s Fotogallery-Site you will find an amusing short (audio) movie (just click on the camera there) as well as some pictures from her attending the dog school at the SV OG Werries.
Have fun!

04. 08.2007 - A-Litter-Meeting

Another Meeting! This time with our A-Litter girls :-). The planned venue was off-the-cuff moved to Fam. Rose in Marl (Nelly’s home). We spent such a nice day there and all of us had really very much fun! Thank you sooo for this lovely day with you! :-) Pictures: A-Litter Puppy-Meeting (ger)

03. 08.2007 - Baby-Visit

How nice! Today Emma (B. Beltane), Bati (B. Bahati) and their families visited us. The reunion with Brielle (and us!!) was really wonderful! Pictures: B-Litter New Home (ger)

16. - 28.07.2007 - “Pimp my Puppy-Run” & Holidays in the Odenwald

Question: What do “fanatic dog lover” during their holidays? Exactly, they care about even more variety and luxury of their doggies :-)). Therefore my sooooo beloved and fantastic husband Michael pimped our puppy-run according to my ideas. It has now also a roofed section, more subsoils (with balls, gravel and sand), an all-weather tunnel and even more new play equipment. Pics under “Puppies”. A big kiss and THANK YOU my sweetheart!!

After this we really deserved some holidays, which we spent with Yam and Anny in the Odenwald. Chantal appreciated very much the many castles and the wildlife parc we visited there. Brielle and Wilma got that time spoiled by our friends Edeltraud and Ötte. Thank you so much for this!!
Pics under: Holidays in the Odenwald (german)

15.07.2007 - SZS Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Wow! We are so proud (and espiacelly Michael) of our Anny, who today got her first Exc. 1 in the Intermediate Class by judge Mrs. A. Benink-Smies (NL)! Of course she also participated with Chantal at the Juniorhandling and both did a great job :-)! And little Brielle joined us and appreciated very much the tender loving care of all the kind people around us!

10.07.2007 - 12 weeks old / Farewell

Last but not least: Yesterday our Baron Beau moved to his new family and now it is becoming quite in our house. We are very happy that all our puppies have found really wonderful new homes! Pictures of the last days here: Pics 12./13. week

05.07.2007 - Crackerbarrel

As we would like to found a group of regulars we invite all Spaniel Fans to join us every 1st Friday of the month at 19 o’clock at the Hubertus-Hof.

30.06.2007 - Daddy came!


Before today Bahati left to her new home, Daddy Casanova came for a visit! And he liked us so much, that we played a lot.
Nicole & Michael even managed to take a photo of him, Mom and Brielle.

29.06.2007 - 11 weeks old

Another week has past and we are enjouying our last days at home. More at pictures of 11. week.

22.06.2007 - 10 weeks old

This was a quite mixed week. We learned a lot and had much fun, but it was also a little bit sad, as some of our brothers and sisters left... More at pictures of 10. week.

15.06.2007 - 9 weeks old

Almost our nice time here at home has past. Therefore this week we played a lot all together as you can see at the pictures of 9. week. Nicole and Michael also took new singe photos of us: B-Litter

10.06.2007 - English Homepage

Today our english homepage version gets online; not complete but under construction.



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