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(= glamour of beauty), according to greek mythology one of the 3 goddesses of grace (The Three Graces) & companion of Aphrodite. The name stands for the special charm and grace of our dogs.




No puppies planned for 2008!

To our C-Litter
(Enzo of Great Mountain x Aglaia’s Anima)

To our B-Litter
(Casanova of Luna’s Dynasty x Yamira vom Odenwald)

To our A-Litter
(Cing Creole vom Süntelstein x Yamira vom Odenwald)

Eine Hand voll Glueck

Breeding and aim:

We take our responsibilty as breeder very seriously. Therefore we only infrequently have puppies (1 litter/year) and our bitches have approx. 2-3 litters in their life. These litters are planned very carefully and animated by the best intentions. Because our aim are lovely, joyfully, healthy and beautiful family dogs.
Therefore also good imprinting and socialisation are a big matter for us.

An insight in our breeding:

Our puppies are born and carefully raised in the house with close contact to us. Hereby they get used to familiar daily routine & noises, children of different ages & other dogs.
To enable a good relationship to the new owners, visits begin in the 4./5. week of life. Previously our web-cam (with access code) allows a look at the puppies and their growth.

Auslauf-Wohnzimmer news030107

The “Birthroom”. In our living-room the puppies get used to everyday life (e.g. vacuum cleaner, telephone, TV, visitors. In the playroom the babies and new families get to know each other without any disturbance.

Approx. in the 5. week of life our puppies explore our garden. Here they also have an own “Puppy House” and a safe run with changing play equipment and subsoils, where they can stay some hours a day - only if weather is good. Later we go on walks on lead, go by car...

3Woche_Welpenhaus Welpen_Auslauf

The “Puppy-House” and “Puppy-Run” with “Adventure-Playground”.

Chantals friends as well as the children of the neighborhood are always welcome and loved by our doggies.

My husband Michael with our
A-litter puppies on their first excursion with leash.

Our puppies move approx. in the age of appr. 9 weeks after beeing chipped and vaccinated to their new loving, responsible, consequent families or companions. They get pedigrees from the Cocker Club Deutschland e.V. (VDH / F.C.I.).
Of course we always help with words and deeds.


Our portfolio with a lot of information, picture-cd, pedigree and EU-vaccination certificate.

For further requests please do not hesitate to contact us.


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